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RegalFrame® Standard Slider

Metal doorframes to suit brick construction

Product Description

The JDS standard sliding doorframe is available in 95 and 114 BO in Regal, Deluxe and Modular profiles in both the welded and knockdown versions. The frame has a flat face that doesn’t include a doorstop. Standard sliding doors have the door running on a track under a pelmet parallel to the wall. The frame is designed so that when the sliding door is closed, the door covers the architrave for a neat finish. Standard sliding doorframes are a great option for hallways or any area that can not accommodate a swinging door.

Technical Information

The RegalFrame is made from a 1.05mm Zincanneal.
Available in 95 or 114 B/O in a wide range of standard door heights and widths.

Important Info

Note: when ordering slider doorframes please order by door size.

Patented Info: RegalFrame® profile and knockdown system

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