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JDS Deluxe Cavity Slider Knockdown

Knockdown cavity slider to suit stud construction

Product Description

The cavity slider is designed to be used in timber or metal stud frame construction.There are many benefits to using our knockdown metal cavity slider frame over a traditional timber frame.The JDS patented knockdown system allows for quick installation while providing a strong, sturdy, neat finish. It comes with removable cover plates for easy maintenance access.The new cavity slider frame is available in Regal,TenBend (Modular) and Deluxe profiles meaning you can match it to the hinged frames throughout your home.

Technical Information

Unit comes complete with track system to suit up to a 35mm thick, 100kg door. JDS Cavity Slider Metal Doorframes are manufactured from 1.0mm Zincanneal with a standard 114mm back opening to suit 90mm stud work with 10mm plasterboard either side. Cavity Slider units are available in two door heights of 2040 or 2340mm in various standard widths. 


The Patented Knockdown System 

The Knockdown System comes in 5 sections, 2 x head stiles, 2 x opening stiles and 1 x striker/closer stile.The patented knockdown design allows the corners to be adjusted, resulting in an accurate and neat mitre joint. All JDS Knockdown metal doorframes have been designed and developed in close consultation with the building industry. Bricklayers to painters have had input in the development of our doorframes ensuring you receive an above standard doorframe.

Important Info

Note: Profile shape matches Regal, Modular and Deluxe however, architrave width is 60mm on all cavity sliders.

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